“Think Global, Act Local,” Linear Finance Partners with Nervos to Penetrate Chinese Market

“Think Global, Act Local,” Linear Finance Partners with Nervos to Penetrate Chinese Market

Sep 23, 2020 · 2 min read · cat

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Today, we are delighted to announce our partnership and integration with Nervos. We are very excited to explore how cross-chain asset solutions on Nervos CKB can propel Linear as the ultimate winner in the synthetic asset space.

Why Linear Finance is Collaborating with Nervos

Cross-chain compatibility is going to drive the future of DeFi with the existing issues that Ethereum is facing. While we believe there will be several public blockchains that will excel in the DeFi space, there will only be few chains that can store the value of assets and act as the bridge for connecting all assets from different chains — and Nervos CKB could be one of those chains. In many ways, Nervos and us share the same vision for a more interconnected blockchain ecosystem, which is why we decided to explore an integration.

We are also excited about the deFi community that Nervos has in China, with ever heightened awareness and record adoption, Chinese DeFi users will quickly come to the forefront. And, Linear Finance will begin our dive into the Chinese DeFi markets by adding Nervos as one of our cross-chain partners.

The integration between Nervos and Linear Finance

Nervos is exploring integrating with Linear Finance in a few different ways:

  • Cross-chain swapping Ethereum-based LINA tokens/synthetic assets according to the Nervos standard.
  • Utilizing Nervos’ Layer 2 aggregator solution to package and batch process trading orders, as well as building out Linear functions to improve transaction throughput and reduce transaction fees while not affecting the safety of the trades, which is secured by Layer 1 in Nervos CKB.

We’re proud to have Nervos on our journey as they build the next generation of blockchain infrastructure and we accelerate DeFi adoption in China together.

About Linear Finance:

Linear Finance is the first cross-chain compatible, decentralized delta-one asset protocol to create, trade, and manage synthetic assets (Liquids). Linear Finance is a faster, cheaper, safer, and easier to use alternative compared to other synthetic asset protocols, coupled with access to a wealth of creative investment assets.

About Nervos:

Nervos is an open source blockchain ecosystem with the goals of achieving the security, immutability and trustlessness offered by Bitcoin’s proof-of-work consensus without compromising on the smart contract functionalities offered by Ethereum. The Nervos blockchain offers security and trustlessness without compromising on scalability and performance with its unique layered architecture.