Second Epoch Linear Council Members

Second Epoch Linear Council Members

May 2, 2022 · 1 min read · cat

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Dear Linear Community,

Voting for the Linear Council’s second epoch has concluded. We want to thank everyone that voted for the six candidates on our Snapshot space. Please find the results in the table below:


The new elected LC will serve the Linear DAO for the next six months and will be made up of the five members that got the most votes:

  • Captain Trips
  • Sam
  • CK
  • JP
  • Ant

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Linear Council’s first epoch for all their hard work during the last three months. A lot has been achieved in this first period, with three Linear Listing Propositions (ℓLP) approved. ℓSOL, ℓMATIC are already live and traded on Linear Exchange, and ℓX30 on the final stages before going live on our protocol.

The team at Linear is looking forward to working with the newly elected members of the LC and continuing to shape the future of Linear Finance together. We hope to achieve much more on this second epoch, with more ℓLPs but also more Linear Improvement Propositions (ℓIP) as we have already seen the first one go up for voting just last week on our Snapshot.

Kind regards,

Linear Team

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