Mascot competition: Who is LINA?

Mascot competition: Who is LINA?

Jan 26, 2021 · 2 min read · cat

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Linear Finance’s Official Mascot Design Competition: WHO IS LINA?

The team at Linear Finance is excited to announce our official mascot design competition in conjunction with the BSC team. Aave have their ghost, Github have Octocat and Twitter has Larry the Bird… (yes, it really is called Larry) but… WHO OR WHAT IS LINA?

This is an open call to all creative minds, who will claim the fame?

From Jan 29, 8am UTC until Feb 5, 8am UTC we will be accepting submission for this competition. After the submission deadline, the team will choose the 5 best designs at which point community-wide voting for the champion will begin. Those who don’t submit can still take part by voting! What’s more, the voters for the champion will enter a lucky draw to win LINA and BNB tokens! Winners will be announced on Feb 11.

Competition Timeline:

  1. The submission of your designs will open at Jan 29 8am UTC and run until Feb 5 8am UTC. Please submit here.
  2. Top 5 mascots will be announced on Feb 6, 3pm UTC. Admin will post the 5 selected mascots (in “LINA Mascot” Discord Channel here)
  3. Community voting period will be from Feb 6, 3pm UTC to Feb 10, 6pm UTC.
  4. Join our “LINA Mascot” Discord Channel (here)
  5. To vote, add a “:thumbup:” Reaction to the design you like best.
  6. Please only vote for the mascot posted by an admin with a “:thumbup:” reaction. Other reactions will not be counted

The champion and 4 winners of the lucky draw will be announced on Feb 11, 8am UTC

Design Requirements:

  1. Our Mascot is called LINA. Design a female Mascot that matches the brand image of Linear Finance. This Mascot can be in human form, animal form or anything with female elements.
  2. Submit your entry here before the deadline (Feb 5 8am UTC) .
  3. Submit only one image for each design idea.
  4. No specific requirements on the file format you submit.
  5. You are allowed to submit more than one design idea (but please make each one is worth while!)

Competition Prizes $888 prize pool ($444 LINA, $444 BNB):

For the champion:

  • Immortal fame, plus possible long term collaborations*
  • 144 USD worth of LINA + 144 USD worth of BNB ($288)

*Note that should your design be chosen, you may be a long term collaborator with Linear Finance and you may be contacted as your design and mascot may need to be updated from time to time.

For the 4 shortlisted designers:

  • 50 USD worth of LINA + 50USD of BNB each (400)

For the 4 lucky draw winners:

  • 25 USD worth of LINA + 25 USD worth of BNB each (200)

We look forward to receiving all your submissions, surprise and delight us. As always, reach out if there are any questions.

Linear Finance Team