Mainnet Technical Update

Mainnet Technical Update

Dec 9, 2020 · 2 min read · cat

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As promised, we will keep the community updated with the current status of the mainnet development and launch.

The team is currently working on two components of our protocol that are in relation to our cross-chain capabilities. The first is regarding the integration of our Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) debt pools. As users will have LUSD on both chains and synthetic “Liquids” created on BSC (which is swappable to Ethereum side going forward), our smart contracts needed to be able to not only combine the two debt pools but also adjust each pool in the correct proportions when the debt moves. This component is currently in the testing stage and we expect to be completed rather shortly.

The second is the cross-chain pegging (swap/bridge) of our LINA token between ETH and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Our initial architecture of the bridge built along with references from BSC documentation produced an unexpected number of errors upon testing. Simply put, even though different chains are EVM compatible and built with Solidity, performance and results can be unpredictable. Thus, given the nascent stage of BSC, we had to revamp the architecture of this component and find another route to the solution. We are working on the alternative solution and will enter our testing environment shortly. As mentioned before, our current testnet version reflects a substantial portion of our mainnet protocol.

You spoke, we listened

A substantial portion of the community expressed an interest in using our platform via a mobile interface. While this was always on the cards, we had not begun development and it was not a priority. I am please to share with you some significant process on this front via screenshots below.

As development progress, again we are committed to keeping you informed regarding the progress of the mobile wallet/interface. Please note the screenshots above are not final versions and the final product may or may not differ.


We will soon announce a date in which we will conduct an AMA where we plan to answer your questions regarding all things Linear. Please keep an eye on where we will post the question submission form soon.

As always thank you all for your patience and support.