Linear Mainnet BSC Builder v2.0 migration details and BSC wallet setup

Linear Mainnet BSC Builder v2.0 migration details and BSC wallet setup

Jan 13, 2021 · 4 min read · cat

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To the Linear Community,

The time has come for us to launch our Mainnet Buildr v2.0 with full Binance Smart Chain (“BSC”) functionality along with cross-chain capabilities. The date is set for this upcoming Friday (15/01/2021).

As such, we will be migrating all user’s LINA assets from our existing ETH Buildr v1.0 to our new BSC Mainnet Buildr v2.0. This will be a seamless process where all we ask of you is to simply wait for the migration to complete. Once complete, users will find their staked LINA and also locked LINA migrated across to the new BSC Mainnet Buildr v2.0. As we will now function on the BSC, users will need to manually add the BSC Mainnet onto their Metamask and have a small amount of BNB (BEP-20) available to interact with Buildr v2.0.

ℓUSD will require a manual swap to the BSC should users wish to do so. This can be done via the swap function in Buildr.

Details of the migration and further instructions on how to configure Metamask is as follows:

Time of Migration: Friday January 15th, 14:00 UTC + 8

Duration: 8 hours. We will make an announcement via our social media channels upon completion of the migration.

Process: Upon the start of the migration, our existing Ethereum Buildr functionality will stop and the Buildr website will show a “maintenance” message. Users will be unable to stake, unstake, build/burn ℓUSD, or claim on Buildr during this time. For users planning to conduct transactions on Buildr, we suggest you complete these before our migration or, simply wait to process your transactions on the BSC Buildr post-migration.

Prepare your Metamask to interact with BSC Buildr:

As our Mainnet Buildr is now on BSC, users will need to add the BSC Mainnet onto their Metamask wallet through the following steps:

  1. Click on the MetaMask logo then click on “Expand view” inside the three dots.

2. Click on the Ethereum Mainnet tab to show a dropdown of available networks to add the Binance Smart Chain network.

3. Scroll down and select “Custom RPC” and enter in the BSC Mainnet details as follows:

Click “Save”, and Metamask will add and connect the BSC Mainnet

You have now successfully added the BSC Mainnet to Metamask.

Note, you will be required to add the custom tokens for LINA and ℓUSD BEP-20 versions (BSC) on your Metamask. We will provide these contract addresses before the migration. Users will also need to acquire BNB BEP-20 to fund their transaction costs on Binance Smart Chain. BNB BEP-20 version is readily available through Binance, Trust Wallet, and other DEX’s such as Pancake Swap and Burger Swap.

If you are having difficulties sourcing BNB BEP-20, please contact our admins on Telegram or Discord for assistance.

How to add your wallet to Binance Smart Chain Wallet:

For users that would prefer to use Binance Smart Chain Wallet to interact with Buildr, please use the following steps to add your wallet address to BSC Wallet:

Click on the Metamask logo then click on My Accounts.

Click on Settings.

Scroll down until you find Security & Privacy to Reveal Seed Phrase.

Enter your password to reveal your seed words.

Your seed phrase from Metamask is ready, you can now import it into the Binance Chain wallet.

Note: If you do not have the extension you can find it at the Chrome web store below.

After installing the extension, click on the Binance Chain logo then click on “ I own a wallet.”

Now you can paste your seed phrase and create a password for your BC wallet.

Click on confirm, then your BC wallet is ready to use.


We want to bring your attention to the new Swap functionality that is included in this Mainnet Buildr release. As we are a cross-chain compatible synthetic asset protocol, our Linear Swap will serve as the bridge between the Ethereum Chain and Binance Smart Chain. This enables you to access the DeFi ecosystems on both protocols.

Users will be able to use Linear Swap to swap all of Linear’s assets (LINA, ℓUSD, and Liquids) between Ethererum (ERC-20) and BSC (BEP-20). The Linear Swap functionality can be found under the “Swap” tab within Buildr.

To complete a swap transaction, users will need both ETH and BEP-20 BNB to pay the gas fees on both chains and will be instructed by Buildr to change between the respective chains (Ethereum Mainnet) and (BSC Mainnet) in order to sign the confirmation transactions and complete the swap.

In addition, we have built the swap functionality directly into the stake and build transaction feature in Buildr. The result is that the user can easily bring ERC-20 LINA into Buildr, press Build and the protocol will automatically swap the LINA into BEP-20 and stake and build ℓUSD on Binance Smart Chain. It’s that simple.

We would like to thank you all for having patience whilst we finalised Buildr. Buildr combined with BSC marks the end of volatile gas fees when trading synthetic Liquids. We believe that our suite of products will quickly become the platform of choice. Whilst the team are proud of this achievement, this is not a point in time we will be celebrating, we will continue to refine and tweak Buildr until the community is 100% satisfied.

Next up….. Linear.Exchange

Linear Team.