Linear is Expanding Testnet Functionality to Include Linear Exchange Today

Linear is Expanding Testnet Functionality to Include Linear Exchange Today

Nov 2, 2020 · 3 min read · cat

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The Linear Finance team wants to thank our users for participating in our testnet Buildr, the first product in our suite. The response was overwhelming and a number of you submitted for our bug bounty program. Along with our push towards Mainnet, we are now expanding our testnet to include our Linear.Exchange where users can test the purchasing of our synthetic “Liquids” with ℓUSD. The guide below will show you the steps on how to use Linear.Exchange.

A prerequisite of using testnet Linear.Exchange is having testnet ℓUSD (contract address:0x04Bf20165174Ebd282c735E88124A5CC716C3eb2) and there are two ways to acquire testnet ℓUSD:

  • Stake testnet LINA tokens on Linear’s Buildr and build testnet ℓUSD. For instructions on how to do this, please read the following medium article (
  • Purchase ℓUSD on an exchange such as Uniswap. Upon Mainnet launch, ℓUSD will be available on exchanges for purchase so it’s not necessary to stake LINA to obtain ℓUSD. For the purposes of testnet, we have created a ℓUSD/ETH pool on TESTNET Ropsten Uniswap for you to purchase testnet ℓUSD with tesnet ETH. The pool address is (0x04Bf20165174Ebd282c735E88124A5CC716C3eb2)

Similar to our testnet Buildr, we welcome your feedback in our Discord channel under the “tesnet” subchannel ( and for any bugs, please help to submit on our Testnet Response Google Form ( Participants who submit bugs will be eligible for a bug bounty and LINA rewards will be distributed to participants who are successful upon Mainnet launch.

So let’s get started,

What is Linear.Exchange?

Linear.Exchange is another part of Linear’s decentralized application suite. It serves as the platform for users to use ℓUSD to trade our synthetic “Liquids” so they can gain exposure to our investment assets.

Which assets can we trade on tesnet Linear.Exchange?

Upon Mainnet launch, we will have a whole suite of tradable investment assets, but for the purpose of testnet, we will have the following Liquid synthetic assets:

  • Liquid Bitcoin (ℓBTC)
  • Liquid Ethereum (ℓETH)
  • Liquid Huobi-10 (ℓHB10): The HB 10 index is procured from Huobi Global and is comprised of the the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies listed on Huobi in terms of market cap, scale, and circulation.

How to use our testnet Linear.Exchange?

Go to the following address:

  • Connect your wallet on the right top corner in order to access all the features on Linear.Exchange

  • After connecting your wallet on Ropsten, your will land on the trading portal and now you can start trading (buying/selling) different liquids with ℓUSD

  1. First, you can choose the pair you want to trade from the market panel on the left hand side.

2. Users can then view the market data drawn from the price oracle partner in the middle of the page.

3. To submit an order, you can input the amount of selected liquids in the panel on the right hand side , 0.1% of the exchange fee will be charged from the buying liquid. A portion of the exchange fees will be distributed to users who have created debt from Buildr.

4. User can also choose to edit the gas fee to speed up the transaction

5. All the pending and successful record regarding the specific market pair can be found in the trade order below

  • Your portfolio for asset management
  • Users can view all of his/ her Liquids and transactions here in this panel along with a graph tracking his/ her asset performance for the previous 7 days

2. The asset component on the right hand side indicates the amount of each Liquid in the connected wallet.

3. The trade order below indicates all the transactions a user has processed in order to keep track of your trading records. By clicking the view button, it will direct you to the transaction hash on etherscan accordingly.

This concludes our Linear.Exchange testnet process and we appreciate your feedback on this. As we progress towards Mainnet launch, it is likely we will open more of the project for you all to test so please stay tuned. In the meantime, please join us for further testnet discussion in our Telegram and Discord channels.

-Linear Team