Linear Finance receives Strategic Investment from 3Commas with Roadmap for Integration

Linear Finance receives Strategic Investment from 3Commas with Roadmap for Integration

Oct 30, 2020 · 2 min read · cat

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Linear Finance has announced a partnership in the form of a strategic investment from 3Commas, with future collaboration and integration. We look forward to making strides in the industry in partnership together.

3Commas is a cryptocurrency trading platform with the goal of helping users build automated trading bots. Their platform works with major cryptocurrency exchanges — one of which being Binance — and includes features such as dollar-cost averaging bots, portfolios, and more. 3Commas has the ability to implement unique trading solutions on specialised cases and can apply that to the Linear platform; solutions such as unique trading functionality allowing for the taking of maximum advantage of unplanned coin market volatility; or specific tools for automated trading, allowing for the application of trading bots and parameters for both newcomers and professional traders.

The strategic investment is to include future integration of the platforms and tools, streamlining operations and allowing for a greater range of features and offerings. Linear Finance stands to benefit much from the integration and collaboration with 3Commas, their work with exchanges and trading bringing another level of functionality to the project. The success of 3Commas also allows them a large user base that will, as a result of this partnership, be presented with new opportunities to explore other facets of the DeFi industry.

“With both our paths and goals aligned, we believe that our partnership with 3Commas will drive wider spread adoption and greater innovations in our work. Linear Finance hopes to establish a lasting contribution to the infrastructure of the DeFi industry, developing means of traditional finance to the digital and blockchain spheres, and 3Commas likewise aims for that achievement” — Linear Finance Co-founder, Kevin Tai.

3Commas is the market leader in cryptocurrency centralized exchange brokerage thanks to our advanced trading tools. We now intend to apply our expertise to the defi space and help traders to optimize their portfolios and simplify trading. We view Linear’s development of decentralized delta-one asset protocol as a significant contribution to the defi space and we look forward to sharing tools that will enhance traders’ experiences with the protocol” — 3commas Co-founder, Mike Goryunov.

Linear Finance itself is a decentralised delta-one asset protocol that allows for the cost-effective and instant creation, management, and trading of synthetic assets with an unlimited liquidity and cross-chain compatibility.