Linear Finance Protocol Update 01/09/2021

Linear Finance Protocol Update 01/09/2021

Sep 1, 2021 · 2 min read · cat

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Dear Community,

We would like to share the latest updates regarding the Linear Finance protocol.

Perpetual Offering:

This past month, we introduced our perpetual offerings, allowing users to take long positions and more importantly take short positions on BTC and ETH. This is only the beginning for this perpetual series and we are monitoring the performance and any related user issues.

So far, the perpetuals are experiencing a limited number of bugs. We expect user testing to continue for a few more weeks and then we will begin expanding the offering to some of our more popular pairs.

For other new offerings, we are currently working on a leveraged BTC/ETH Bull token, NFT Index token, BSC large cap / DeFi Index token and a SOL Large Cap Index token. Implementing these indexes will take some time as our oracle providers work to complete the index calculations on-chain.

Linear DAO

Over the next few weeks, we will begin the implementation of the Linear DAO. It was always our mission to decentralize the protocol and have it be largely community driven. As such, once the implementation is complete, users will be able to submit PIP’s to add additional features to Linear and make changes to existing metrics plus more.

The DAO documentation is currently being finalized and once complete, will be published for the community to view and comment. We expect this to be done shortly and we will have an AMA to explain the implementation steps and answer any questions.

Taking inspiration from AAVE and CREAM Finance, we are now looking into adding a listing committee which will vet the listing proposals from our users. The listing committee will consist of relevant individuals in the DeFi space who will not only have considerable knowledge of the relevant assets but also the understanding of how asset selection will affect our Linear protocol’s debt pool.

UI/UX Improvements

Finally, our team is currently working on implementing the long awaited Linear mobile version along with the Dark mode and a number of other visual data improvements.

On the next protocol update, we will give an update on the upcoming Moonbeam/Moonriver implementations.

Thank you for your continued support.

Linear Finance Team.