Linear Finance Mainnet Staking Program

Linear Finance Mainnet Staking Program

Dec 18, 2020 · 3 min read · cat

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Today, we are pleased to share with you all the reward structure for the Linear inaugural mainnet staking program. The purpose of the mainnet staking program is to reward both our early investors and new users, especially those who decide to hold and stake LINA token and build synthetic Liquids on our Linear Finance protocol. By doing this they contribute to the stability and security of our protocol, which will serve as the foundation for our growth going forward.

Our inaugural mainnet staking program will run for 1 year upon the imminent launch of our Mainnet ETH Buildr dApp. Upon the 9th month of the staking program, we will conduct a review on the state of the protocol and the overall DeFi market and announce a new staking program for the next 12 months. All users that have participated in our pre staking program will be transitioned seamlessly to our mainnet staking. We believe by doing this, we maintain the flexibility to adjust the rewards program to best serve the future needs of the community and Linear Finance.


We would like to share with you some figures to provide visibility around the rewards distribution.

The Mainnet staking program will reward a total of 662,361,578 LINA tokens over a 52-week period. The quarterly breakdown is as follows:

The rewards are distributed on a weekly basis with 8,500,000 LINA tokens distributed in the first week. The rewards increase by 1.5% each subsequent week for 52 weeks. We set this emission schedule to coincide with our token release schedule and bring stability to the staking returns.

Ok, so how are staking rewards calculated?

  • In order to be eligible for rewards, you must have built ℓUSD or any subsequent Liquids before the start of the rewards period.
  • Each week’s rewards period begins on Wednesday 8:00:01 UTC + 8 (Snapshot A) and ends on the following Wednesday 8:00:00 UTC + 8 (Snapshot A)
  • Each user’s share of the rewards each week is based on their respective average % share of the total Liquid’s built by the end of the rewards period. This is calculated by two additional random snapshots (Snapshot’s B and C) of each user’s Liquid’s value taken during the rewards period divided by the Average of the total Liquid value of all users.

Some other key points to note:

  • All earned rewards need to be claimed on our Buildr dApp under the “Claim” tab. In order to claim, users are required to have a P-Ratio that is at or above 500%. If a user is below the 500% P-Ratio, the user can fix their P-Ratio by burning their ℓUSD/Liquids or staking additional LINA tokens. Once executed, users can then claim their rewards.
  • Users have a 14 day claim window for each weekly period reward distribution. If rewards are unclaimed during this period, the rewards are forfeited and put into the subsequent week’s rewards pool.
  • LINA rewards claimed are locked for one year in order to mitigate the negative impact on circulating supply. The locked rewards are however counted in the user’s P-Ratio and can be further used to build ℓUSD and/or Liquids.

We have prepared a step-by-step guide to help users go through the process of interacting with Buildr which will be shared this week. Should you require further assistance, the Linear team is readily available in the Linear Telegram channel to answer any questions.

For those that have been with us on this journey since inception, we truly value the support shown thus far and for those that are newly joining, welcome to what is the beginning of a smarter, safer and quicker way to trade.

Please keep an eye out for the Buildr launch announcement via all our social media channels.

Linear Team.