Linear Finance ETH Buildr Mainnet Launch and Pre-staking Migration

Linear Finance ETH Buildr Mainnet Launch and Pre-staking Migration

Dec 19, 2020 · 2 min read · cat

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We are proud to announce that we will be launching our ETH Buildr Mainnet on Monday 21st Dec 22:00 UTC+8, with the commencement of the mainnet staking pool on Wednesday 23rd Dec 08:00:01 UTC+8.

For those that have supported us during our pre-staking initiative, we want to thank you for your early and continuous support. This article aims to walk you through the process of migrating your LINA tokens and rewards to our mainnet Buildr platform preparing you for staking and building.

Timing and Logistics

The token migration will take place between 18:00–21:00 UTC+8 21st Dec 2020.

The stake and unstake button on our pre-staking page will be disabled (the same will happen on the smart contract level) and we will begin the migration of all user’s staked and rewarded LINA to our Buildr dApp.

For users who are currently staked, simply wait until we announce the migration has concluded. We will make an announcement on each of our social media channels at the beginning and end of the migration.

Once the process has been completed, we will provide the URL for users to access.

Please note that the existing rewarded LINA will continue to be locked on our Buildr dApp but will be counted towards your P-Ratio and can be used to build LUSD, and earn additional staking rewards.

For those that are unfamiliar with our Buildr dApp, please refer to the following medium article to learn how to use Buildr on our testnet platform.


In order to participate in the mainnet staking program, you are required to build ℓUSD. The reward distribution on the mainnet is determined by the value of synthetic Liquids you have built rather than the staked amount. Please ensure that if your intention is to stake and earn rewards, you are required to build ℓUSD to be eligible. For more information regarding our mainnet staking program, please refer to the article here.

We will release a step by step guide to help users go through the process of interacting with Buildr v1.0, please keep an eye out for the announcement via our Telegram announcement channel and Discord announcement channel. Should you require further assistance, the Linear team is readily available in the Linear Discord mainnet channel.

To wrap up, this marks the first step towards the launch of our full suite of dApps, we will be providing further information over the coming weeks in preparation of our Exchange launch.

Linear Team