Linear Finance Bi-weekly Update

Linear Finance Bi-weekly Update

Oct 9, 2020 · 3 min read · cat

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Welcome to October’s bi-weekly update. This week, we want to share the latest collaborations and integrations we’ve been working on. We’re extremely proud and hope these partnerships give the community a real sense of our long term vision for Linear Finance. We’ll also be going through ‘Linear Finance in Numbers’, ending with a few news pieces the community might have missed.

Partnerships and Integrations

Since our last newsletter, we have officially announced our partnership with Nervos, Moonbeam and Hex Trust. For the team at Linear Finance, each partnership is another step closer to realising our bigger vision of working with great teams for a truly accessible, interoperable and scalable synthetic asset trading protocol.

Nervos: Driving DeFi in the Chinese Market with a Focus on Cross-chain Capability

We are extremely excited to work with the Nervos family! It goes without saying that we are very excited to be part of an ecosystem that is vibrant and dynamic with over 30 teams and 40,000 active members. We’re particularly excited about the presence and expertise Nervos has in China; Nervos was the first public blockchain selected to take part in the BSN and is currently working with China Merchants Bank International (CMBI) to explore the application of blockchain technology to the financial industry.

In addition to unrivalled presence and understanding of the Chinese DeFi space, we will be working closely with Nervos to further build out our cross-chain capability because cross-chain is where we believe existing Ethereum issues (clogging, high gas fees) can be addressed.

For more information, catch our medium article here.

Moonbeam: Collaborating Towards Greater Interoperability

We’re always looking to collaborate with other great projects with the same vision for a decentralised, open and interoperable web as ours…undoubtedly, the team at Moonbeam, which is working to build apps that connect across chains, is one of them. Having just announced that they have secured $1.4M USD in funding from several reputable VCs in the space, we’re extremely optimistic about all that is to come!

Moonbeam’s smart contract platform will further enable Linear Finance’s integration into the Polkadot ecosystem with other legos in the DeFi space, contributing towards Linear Finance’s interoperability. This partnership with Moonbeam means we are able to quickly deploy onto the rapidly growing Polkadot community from our existing Ethereum code base.

If you’d like more information, check out PureStake’s PR here.

HEX Trust: Driving Institutional DeFi Adoption

The involvement of institutional investors in DeFi brings a wealth of opportunities for both projects and investors! However, for institutional participation there must be seamless and secure custodian platforms for the management of digital assets. Recently, we have secured a strategic partnership with HEX Trust which means that we can offer secure, institutional grade custodial services for institutional investors interested in Linear Finance.

Moving forward, we certainly look forward to expanding our protocol and all the doors this opens.

Here’s a detailed Medium post.

BitMax: Listing and Partnerships

1. BitMax will support LINA/USDT pair.
2. Bitmax will also list LUSD once it’s launched.
3. BitMax will join as a liquidity provider once Linear Finance’s mainnet is launched.
4. Bitmax will integrate with Linear on synthetic asset creation, including but not limited to minting of synthetic assets and staking of LINA.

Linear Finance in Numbers (as of 09/10/2020):

Finally, in case you missed it…Buildr preview:

As you all know, Buildr is a core part of our protocol. Through Buildr, LUSD can be minted once users stake LINA as collateral (we’re still experimenting with accepting other tokens as collateral — more information about this will be released soon). Earlier on this week, we wrote a Buildr preview post here, stayed tuned for more information soon!

Linear Finance x CryptoDiffer AMA:

It’s been a while since the last AMA with both Kevin and Drey — our latest one was with CrytoDiffer which raised some really great questions from the community. If you missed it, here’s a recap.

That’s it for our news update — until next time!