Linear Finance Bi-weekly Update — 23/10/2020

Linear Finance Bi-weekly Update — 23/10/2020

Oct 23, 2020 · 2 min read · cat

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Welcome to the second newsletter of October! This week we’re covering testnet launch, our growing Linear family, ‘Linear in numbers’, and finally finishing off with listing news.

We’ve Officially Launched Our Linear.Buildr Testnet

Here’s our Medium article. In it we explain our Buildr dApp, how to get involved on Ropsten, our invitation to come ‘break’ Buildr and our bug bounty. After so much coverage about business and community development, we’re very pleased to show the community a real glimpse of our product.

On the Buildr dApp testnet, users will be able to try out three core functions: stake, build and claim. We will be unveiling the building functionality for different Liquids in due course. We’d love it if everyone got involved! Have a feel of our product and give us any of your thoughts (even better, ‘break’ it and find bugs!). Our Medium article contains a google/shimo form to request testnet LINA and ETH (which we will send out in batches so don’t worry, there’s still time to take part). Remember to check out our testnet Discord channel and Linear.labs Discord channel too.

A Warm Welcome to Our Korean and Russian Linear Family

The Linear Finance family just got bigger :-) !!

With mainnet launch ahead of us, we’re extremely pleased about our enthusiastic communities from all over the world. It’s always great to see genuine excitement in key markets about the protocol we’re working to build. Last week, we announced our strategic Korean partnership with Ellipti and #HASHED — two leaders in their respective fields in Korea. Read about it here. We’re proud to introduce our Korean Medium community and our Korean Telegram group. In addition, this week we also saw the launch of our Russian speaking Telegram group. For all our Russian speakers, stay tuned as we make more announcements in this space!

Linear Finance in Numbers (as of 23/10/2020):

Finally, in Case You Missed It

We have been listed on SakeSwap and TomoDex! Read more about it here and here.

That’s all for now, until next time.