Linear.Exchange Mainnet V1.0 Launch

Linear.Exchange Mainnet V1.0 Launch

Jan 28, 2021 · 3 min read · cat

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Dear Linear Community, Partners, and new users:

The time has come….

Today, we would like to proudly announce that we are launching the final dApp in our product suite. Linear.Exchange Mainnet v1.0. Like our Buildr dApp, Linear.Exchange is the culmination of hard work, sweat, and tears from the Linear team and I am extremely proud of the team for reaching this goal. This has been made possible with our launch and strategic partner, Band Protocol, providing highly frequent and reliable price oracles for LINA and all supported synthetic assets that have been seamless to integrate.

The hard work however does not stop here, this is the beginning of a journey that will see Linear grow in stature making progressive technological advances. The team will continue to expand functionality within Buildr and the Exchange, and also bring additional synthetic assets for users to trade with the help of Band Protocol.

Our vision to bring a synthetic asset exchange that is easy to use, fast, and cost-efficient while maintaining cross-chain compatibility is now ready for user interaction. Built on Binance Smart Chain, users will find a trading experience that boasts frequently updated pricing from Band protocol, coupled with fast and cheap on-chain execution with fees in the mere cents. In addition, in the spirit of our cross-chain compatible nature, all our Liquids (synthetic assets) built on our Linear.Exchange can be swapped to ERC-20 enabling users to access both BSC and ETH DeFi ecosystems easily through our Linear Swap functionality.

Don’t believe us? Come try it out, the proof is in the pudding.

Our Linear.Exchange Mainnet V1.0 can be found at the following link:

In order to trade on our exchange, users will need ℓUSD. There are two ways to acquire ℓUSD:

Linear Mainnet BSC Builder v2.0

  • Purchase ℓUSD via PancakeSwap through our pools. We are currently working on additional pools, please anticipate announcements to be made via all of our social channels.

Exchange Overview

As you enter the Linear.Exchange dApp, users will land at the main page as shown below. Please click on “Connect Wallet” to bring up your ℓUSD balance.


There are four main areas of the Linear.Exchange to take note of:

A: Market — This section lists all of our Liquids (synthetic assets) pairs tradeable on our exchange with sections separated into spot cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices.

B: Market Pair — After selecting a market pair, this section will display the current price of the Liquid, 24hr Low/High Price, price chart, and the 24 hr trading volume.

C: Order Form — In this section, users can purchase their selected Liquid with ℓUSD or sell their Liquid for ℓUSD. In the picture above, the user is attempting to purchase Liquid Cardano with ℓUSD. The user will input the desired ℓUSD to spend or desired Cardano to purchase and click on “Submit Order”. The user will then receive a confirmation transaction on their respective Metamask which they need to approve in order to complete the transaction.

D: Trade Order — This section will show all of a user’s historical transactions on Linear.Exchange.


When clicking the “Portfolio” tab, users will transition to a second page showing a list of the Liquids they have purchased along with their transaction history and a “Total Asset” tracker.

This wraps up the initial summary of the Linear Exchange, over the coming weeks we will begin to distribute a more detailed guide containing FAQ’s that will help those that are new to the concept.

In the meantime, those that have additional questions or issues related to any of our dApps, please feel free to reach out to our admins on Telegram or Discord for support. Also, be on the lookout for announcements in regards to additional synthetic asset listings as we have many more products in the pipeline.

Thank you all for your continued support.

-Linear Team

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