Linear Council accepting nominations now!

Linear Council accepting nominations now!

Oct 21, 2021 · 1 min read · cat

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Dear Linear Community,

Thank you for the magnificent response the Linear DAO Forum has received since going live last week; you guys are the best!

Nomination Process

As many of you know, with the launch of our forum we introduced the first Linear Council Election. Anyone from the Linear Community can submit their nomination; all you have to do is click here, create a new topic (+ New Topic) and tell us about yourself following the guidelines below:

  • Title: “LC Nomination: {LC role} — {candidate name} — {summary line}”
  • Who — Brief introduction
  • What — Contribution to Community (Past & Future)
  • How — Relevant Skills or Background on how to drive DAO and Linear to greater success
  • Any other related campaign pitching material or info

Linear Council Role

The Linear Council will be the bridge between the Linear Core Team and the Community. It will play an essential role as the governing council of the Linear DAO, making sure it runs smoothly in representing the Community and vetoing any propositions that might be detrimental to the Linear ecosystem.

Governance Stipend

Linear Council members will receive a monthly stipend for their duties as the governing council. The Protocol DAO (pDAO) will set and manage governance payments for all the elected members of the Linear Council.

About Linear Finance

Linear Finance is a cross-chain compatible, decentralized delta-one asset protocol that allows users to get synthetic exposure to various assets, including cryptocurrency, commodities, and market indices. Users can utilize our cross-chain swap functionality to instantly swap assets across leading blockchain environments and DeFi protocols with unlimited liquidity and zero slippage.

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