Linear 8 Week Pre-staking Incentive Program Will be Available Soon!

Sep 15, 2020 · 2 min read · cat

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The backbone of Linear’s protocol is our collateralized debt pool, backed by our Linear token (LINA). Users who provide collateralized assets to the debt pool are able to “build” liquid USD (ℓUSD) which can then be used to purchase synthetic assets (“liquids”) on our exchange. The collaterized assets are subsequently pooled, serving as a counter party to enable instantaneous liquidity.

To encourage users to stake LINA tokens, we will be launching the Linear Early Staking Incentive Program alongside our Uniswap listing (exact time will be confirmed soon). The purpose of this incentive program is for early Linear supporters and advocates to earn rewards which can be used to stake and build liquids after mainnet launch.

Note that reward tokens earned during this period will all be distributed at mainnet launch and are subject to a six months lock up. However, reward tokens can be used to mint ℓUSD immediately after the mainnet launch.

Early Linear supporters will earn a total of 150,000,000 LINA tokens according to the schedule shown below:

The 150,000,000 LINA tokens are subject to a linear release schedule over 8 weeks; a weekly reward of 18,750,000 LINA tokens. The weekly reward of 18,750,000 LINA tokens is spread evenly over each block throughout the week and each staker earns their pro-rata share of the rewards in each block depending upon their percentage share of the combined staking pool (updated each block)

Early stakers are eligible for a much higher return given their contributed proportion of the pool, as illustrated in the following diagram:

How to Stake LINA Tokens

Staking will only be available at Uniswap Listing. The staking platform link will be announced in the next 2 days. Our public sale is completed but no tokens have been distributed yet. Beware of scammers!

Our staking page allows early supporters to earn rewards by staking their LINA. There are two main features on this page, (i) Stake LINA and (ii) Unstake LINA. The “claim reward” functionality will be available in due course.

Early supporters will first land on the page and connect their wallet with MetaMask.

In this screenshot the user has 95 LINA available in their MetaMask wallet for staking, and they are already staking 5 LINA.

(i) Stake LINA

Users can click on the “stake” zone to begin with the process.

Users will then input the amount of LINA that they want to stake and click on “STAKE NOW” to proceed with staking.

Users can edit the gas fee to accelerate the transaction at their discretion.

Users will then have successfully staked LINA. Newly staked tokens will be shown on the “staking” balance.

(ii) Unstake LINA

Users first click on the “unstake” zone to begin the process.

Users input the amount of LINA that they want to unstake and click on “UNSTAKE NOW” to proceed with unstaking.

Users can edit the gas fee to accelerate the transaction at their discretion.

Users will have successfully unstaked LINA. The staking balance will be updated.