How to acquire ℓUSD

How to acquire ℓUSD

Dec 9, 2021 · 2 min read · cat

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Following our guide on how to acquire LINA yesterday, today’s guide will show you how to get LUSD through PancakeSwap (a DEX). Fortunately, using PancakeSwap’s platform is very straightforward and doesn’t even require you to create an account!

Step 1: Connecting your wallet

The first step upon arriving at their website is to connect your wallet. Using whichever option that you are familiar or comfortable with, approve any permissions that pop up when connecting. Confirmation that your wallet is connected can be seen in the top right corner, where a contact address will now be displayed instead of the “Connect Wallet” button.

Step 2: Heading to the exchange

To navigate to PancakeSwap’s exchange, simply hover over the “Trade” button and click on ‘Exchange’ from the dropdown menu. Doing so will take you to the page displayed below.

As we are trying to trade for LUSD, click the arrow next to “CAKE” which will allow you to select the desired token. Enter ‘LUSD’ into the search bar as shown below and import the token.

You may choose what coin you use to trade for LUSD but note that as PancakeSwap is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), transaction fees are in BNB. Thus, since you need BNB in your wallet anyways, it would be the simplest to complete the transaction in BNB/LUSD pairing.

Input the amounts of cryptocurrency that you’d like to trade for, and below you’ll see all the important details regarding the transaction.

LUSD may also be purchased through AscendEX, a centralized exchange. The process is very similar to how LINA can be acquired from Binance which can be found here:

We hope you have a smooth experience acquiring LINA or LUSD with our new guides and hope to see you on our platform shortly. Till next time! 👋

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